David Stephen Strashin is a Toronto lawyer who among questionable conduct behavior, will represent anyone for a dollar. He will stand buy quietly as his racist clients like Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio will use their property managers like Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy to provoke and antagonize a interracial married couple / tenants with their racist and anti-black behavior.

David Strashin is willing to protect racist, despite their obvious racist and anti-black behavior as stated by Stella Reddy that she was “told to “stay quiet” not to interfere with the Appeal and give the interracial married couple / tenants SOMETHING ELSE TO USE AGAINST US in Human Rights. Everyone was so concerned over not giving interracial married couple / tenants ANYTHING ELSE to use on their sites or with Human Rights”

Hmm that is interesting. David Stephen Strashin the racist protector and his racist clients Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Lisico were obviously very concerned about the interracial married couple / tenants getting “SOMETHING ELSE” that could be used against them.

This is the same lawyer that used his dead mother as an excuse for his illegal conduct at his little law firm.

You want a lawyer with no morals or dignity. Call David Stephen Strashin and 416-482-8171

If you got the money, David Stephen Strashin will do what ever you want. Even if it is socially unacceptable!